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Senators Want to “Blow ISIS Out of the Water” with “Fancy Memes” – The Intercept

“Let’s face it: We invented the Internet. We invented the social network sites. We’ve got Hollywood. We’ve got the capabilities to blow these guys out of the water from the standpoint of communications.” Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., backed his colleague’s appeal. “Look at their fancy memes compared to what we’re not doing,” Booker said, displaying […]

The Tricky Business Of Combating The Islamic State In Minneapolis-St Paul | ThinkProgress

A pilot program that will launch this year called Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) has focused on three cities in the U.S.: Boston, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis-St Paul. The program falls under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and works with “[Department of Justice] DOJ and State and Local law enforcement partners” to prevent extremism through […]

Italy investigators say Vatican link in ‘al-Qaeda’ arrests – BBC News

Prosecutor Mauro Mura told a press conference in Cagliari, Sardinia, that wiretaps indicated the suspected terrorists had been planning a bomb attack at the Vatican in March 2010. There had been “signals of some preparation for a possible attack”, including the arrival of a suicide bomber in Rome, the Associated Press quoted Mr Mura as […]

Nasrallah: Saudi to Suffer Major Defeat in Yemen, War on Syria Has Failed — Naharnet

“Saudi Arabia will suffer a major defeat that will have an impact on its domestic situation and the entire region,” said Nasrallah in an interview on Syria’s state-run al-Ikhbariya news channel. He noted that the Saudi-led airstrikes have “miserably failed” to change the situation on the ground in Yemen, pointing out that the Shiite Huthi […]

Informant Provided Bomb-Making Manual to Alleged “ISIS-Inspired” Plotters | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

Like other recent sensational “terror plots,” however, the criminal complaint unsealed yesterday demonstrates the key role of of an undercover law enforcement informant in both formulating and facilitating the alleged plot. It doesn’t appear that Velentzas or Siddiqui actually planned or attempted to bomb any target, nor is there any evidence of discussions about how […]

Congo hospital sees rise in rape of girls as young as 18 months

Naama Haviv, executive director of Panzi Foundation USA, said 34 infants and young girls from Kavumu had been treated at the hospital in the last two years. “While we’ve seen very significant violence against women and girls in Congo, what’s new and particularly devastating about this crisis is that it is centred in one community. […]

The Hunted | Foreign Policy

Since settling in Turkey 12 years earlier, Bukhari had opened five madrasas across Istanbul and developed a sizable following among the city’s conservative Central Asian diaspora. His students numbered in the thousands, and included Uzbeks, Tajiks, and Chechens. Well-versed in Islamic law and theology, Bukhari used his sermons to extoll the virtues of jihad against […]

Would-be terrorists considered attack on NYPD funeral after Rafael Ramos send-off: authorities

Vice President Biden, Gov. Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton led the massive outpouring of mourners at the Dec. 27 funeral for the martyred cop. Valentzas, after learning about the enormous gathering, “was trying to evaluate whether a police funeral was an appropriate terrorism target,” said the 20-page complaint against the pair. […]

Lost in the ’50s with Harper’s anti-terror pablum |

It’s the tale of little six-year-old Jacob, who really likes spies. So much so that he wrote to CSIS to ask if they could help him set up a spy club. Little Jacob did not know, perhaps, that CSIS is an agency found to be complicit in a variety of illegal acts, from complicity in […]

FBI Ordered by Judge to Release Files on Surveillance & Infiltration of Muslim Communities, Including Mosques | The Dissenter

For over four years, a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit has unfolded as the American Civil Liberties Union chapter of Northern California, the Asian Law Caucus and the now-defunct San Francisco Bay Guardian argued for the release of records. They believe files will reveal details related to how agents have investigated mosques, “assessed” religious leaders, […]

Norway must be prepared for possible terrorist attacks: intelligence service – Xinhua |

The experience those foreign fighters gained from their war lowers the threshold for violence when they returned home, the PST chief said, adding that their peers who do not travel could also pose a threat. The PST still considers extremism as the biggest threat to Norway and the country must be prepared for possible terrorist […]

CIA Director Mad That Iranian General Fights Against ISIL in Iraq / Sputnik International

“If it were not for the cooperation of the Islamic Republic of Iran and General Soleimani, we would not today have a government headed by Haider al-Abadi in Baghdad,” Ameri said during a memorial service for a fallen soldier, according to Fars News Agency. But CIA Director John Brennan seems less sure of General Soleimani. Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Brennan said that Suleimani – […]

US Marines tells troops to ‘check online footprint’ after ISIS ‘hit list’ goes online — RT USA

“Vigilance and force protection considerations remain a priority for commanders and their personnel,” US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel John Caldwell said in a statement.”It is recommended Marines and family members check their online/social footprint, ensuring privacy settings are adjusted to limit the amount of available personal information.”According to the monitoring group SITE Intelligence, which has […]

Portland man: I was tortured in UAE for refusing to become an FBI informant | US news | The Guardian

“I don’t think they knew who I was. I think they thought I was just some rich guy who’d come on a private jet. A rapper or someone,” said Fikre. The 36-year-old Eritrean-born American was finally back in Portland at the end of a five-year odyssey that began with a simple business trip but landed […]

‘Privacy killer’: Senate panel quitely passes CISA ‘cybersecurity’ bill amid fresh surveillance fears — RT USA

Ever since hackers breached Sony’s internal networks last year, encouraging information-sharing between corporations and the government has become a top priority. Supporters say the bill would allow the two sides to better coordinate, detect and potentially stop cyber threats before they cause serious damage. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) acknowledged that the bill […]

Canadian intelligence suspected to help British girls join ISIS – Daily Sabah

Foreign Ministry sources said that the person is currently in detention and an investigation is continuing. They said that the unidentified intelligence agent was not a citizen of “the coalition member country.” It was said that the unspecified country was contacted on the matter. Neither the minister nor any other government official would name the […]

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