In late December, seven dead cattle were found near an oil field in the Cimarron National Grassland, Kansas, and authorities believe that cows inhaled something toxic, prompting them to deny public access to the 2,500-acre Cimarron National Grassland until at least May.Six of the cattle were discovered together in a low-lying area, while a seventh […]

Ultrasound in public places can be generated from a number of sources including loudspeakers, door sensors and public address systems.For a number of years, workers who have been regularly exposed to occupational ultrasound through industrial devices for cleaning and drilling have reported similar negative effects.While there has been insufficient research to confirm or deny a […]

Summary: After the eventual (by his own documented statements) shooting death of right-wing extremist Mormon Euro-settler terrorist and Bundy Family Militia spokesman Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum by law enforcement officers during a traffic stop/roadblock in Harney County, Oregon, TheAngryindian asks, ‘What happens next…?’ The leaders behind the armed Euro-settler coup attempt against the administration of President […]

Responding to the Malaysian AG Mohammed Apandi’s surprise announcement this week that Najib had been “cleared” of any wrongdoing by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission investigation, the Swiss Attorney General Michael Laubersaid has issued a media statement of possibly unprecedented bluntness from the traditionally low-profile Swiss authorities.The devastating one page document, delivered in the form of […]

But Mr Field, the chairman of the Commons Work and Pensions Committee, claims his constituents have waited up to 15 weeks without being told why they were cut off.Figures he obtained say HMRC takes 64 days – on average – to complete each “intervention” from the first letter to the final result.It takes longer – […]

In its first white paper on nuclear emergency response, published on Wednesday, Beijing said the existing disaster response programme was “inadequate” to cope with “new situation and challenges”.“Facing the new situation and new challenges of the nuclear sector, China’s nuclear emergency response [system] still has certain inadequacies in terms of technology, equipment, human resources, capacity […]

Mobile Police MOPOL 19 on Tuesday clashed with operatives of the Nigerian Navy in Port Harcourt leaving one person injured. The clash which occurred at about 6:20pm at the GRA led to scampering of road users. Sources reported that the group of navy operatives were held up in the Mummy B road traffic, unsatisfied by […]

The victims, ages 25 to 45, had gunshot wounds to the chest, abdomen and back.“We have no reason to believe anyone else is in danger at this point,” said police Chief Kathleen O’Toole. “We have some very good leads,” and homicide detectives were interviewing several witnesses, she said.She added that officers were sent to other […]

The medical examiner’s office — more than three years after Rainey’s death, an unusually long time for a death investigation to last — gave its final autopsy report to Miami-Dade police and prosecutors this week. The autopsy report itself remains private because investigations remain ongoing.The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office must now decide whether to charge […]

CALGARY – There’s been another case of tampering involving an Enbridge oil pipeline in Ontario.Company spokesman Graham White confirms the line was shut down briefly overnight while maintenance workers inspected the pipeline.He says Enbridge’s control centre detected a valve closure on Lin Source: Another case of valve tampering on Enbridge oil pipeline in Ontario

Kelly Gneiting, a 5 time U.S. Sumo champion who in recent weeks joined the Bundy militia at the Malheur National Wildlife Preserve in eastern Oregon, posted a video online challenging Republican presidential candidate and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to a wrestling match.The challenge was in response to recent remarks by Christie that law enforcement […]

Despite research conducted as far back as the 1970’s by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans that clearly showed this location should never be industrially developed, the Prince Rupert Port Authority, a federal agency without provincial or local oversight, advised PETRONAS and their partners to site a massive LNG facility there. Our community, as well […]

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