Article: Should an Innocent Person Be Forced to Pay for Their Arrest? | OpEdNews – Donald Trump takes office in two short weeks. As I’ve written previously, I don’t expect much in the way of prison reform or sentencing reform. Indeed, I’ve urged readers to take to the courts for redress because we obviously won’t […]

Ndoye, a Baka woman from Cameroon. Five people are reported to have died in her community alone at the hands of WWF-funded wildlife guards. © Survival In an unprecedented protest, 19 “Pygmy” communities in central Africa have denounced conservation projects on their land. Eleven of the communities have urged conservationists to stop funding the anti-poaching […] […]

The National Health Service in England has suffered the ultimate humiliation as the Red Cross – a charity – has …Continue reading → via Collapse: Red Cross called into NHS England because #Tories would rather pay private firms – for nothing — Vox Political

So begins the preamble to Oakland’s Surveillance and Community Safety Ordinance, a sweeping proposed law that would require the city’s various departments disclose to the public any new surveillance technologies they plan to acquire and use. City agencies would need to seek city council approval before purchasing new technologies, and the law also imposes reporting […]

WikiLeaks proposes tracking verified Twitter users’ homes, families and finances – The Washington Post — “We are thinking of making an online database with all ‘verified’ twitter accounts & their family/job/financial/housing relationships,” WikiLeaks tweeted Friday. The disclosure organization, run by Julian Assange, says the information would be used for an artificial-intelligence program. But Twitter users immediately fired […]

Summary: TheAngryindian and Guadalupe Morales take a last look at 2016 by honouring Festivus and conducting an ‘Airing of Grievances’ on the dynamics of thoughtless partisanism in mainstream USA/Canadian/Mexican political ideologies and the visible reluctance of the political Left in getting its act together to defeat the international and domestic rush towards a 21st century […]

Don’t expect this initiative to do any more than pay lip service to the concept of dealing with this issue. …Continue reading → via There will be no crackdown on worker exploitation. Tories LOVE it too much — Vox Political

Common sense suggests that requiring people to use their real names online would lead to better behaviour – but the evidence doesn’t support that via Using real names online ‘leads to discrimination and harrassment’ — Naked Security

Here are the materials in Whiteagle v. United States (W.D. Wis.): 1-motion-to-vacate-sentence 4-opposition 6-reply 11-dct-order An excerpt: In August 2012, after an 8-day trial, a jury found petitioner Timothy Whiteagle guilty of twelve counts relating to bribing and conspiring to bribe a Ho-Chunk Nation legislator to secure favorable treatment for three different vendors wishing to […] […]

Interview with a Native American Seeking Clemency After 41 Years Behind Bars © Kevin McKiernan Leonard Peltier has petitioned President Obama for clemency, asking for an end to 41 years in captivity. Convicted of aiding and abetting the 1975 killing of two FBI agents, Peltier saw his clemency request to President Clinton in 2000 blocked […] […]

. Zapatista News Summary for December, 2016 Zapatista and CNI News 1. The Convocation to the Second phase of the Fifth National Indigenous Congress is issued jointly by the CNI and EZLN on 26th November. During the first phase in October the CNI and EZLN had “agreed to remain in […] via Zapatista News Summary for […]

The local community was well aware that the Klan was involved in the Birmingham Police Department, but, as you know, the FBI’s involvement in quashing civil rights activism at the local level did not come to light until the 1971 burglary of documents from the Media, Pennsylvania, FBI office resulted in the disclosure to the […]

Getty Images (Christopher Furlong)/screengrab ADDICTING INFO Donald Trump once said that he loves “the poorly educated,” and he skips his intelligence briefings regularly, so it is reasonable to assume that he is not a fan of “intelligence” in any form. But on Thursday, the Donald took to Twitter to assure everyone that this isn’t true […] […]

The Obama administration has announced sanctions against the son of alleged 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden, stating that he is “actively engaged in terrorism” and poses a risk to national security. Source: Bin Laden’s son ‘actively engaged in terrorism’, US imposes sanctions — RT America

Hedges and Nick Turse, author of “Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam,” discuss how American wars of occupation are “primarily about murder.” – 2017/01/04 Source: Chris Hedges: Vietnam War, Like the Later Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, Was ‘One Long Atrocity’ (Video) via Chris Hedges: Vietnam War, Like the Later Iraq and Afghanistan […]

NAACP Leaders Arrested Protesting Super-Not-Racist Jeff Sessions, For No Reason At All! – Democratic Underground – Protesters from the NAACP were arrested Tuesday evening after holding a day-long sit-in at the Alabama offices of Sen. Jeff Sessions, demanding he withdraw his name from nomination as Donald Trump’s attorney general. The protesters seemed to be under […]

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