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Multinationals carving up Africa for food

  It is a question being asked not only in Ethiopia but across Africa. Many other countries are also welcoming big agricultural projects bankrolled by foreign investors whose goal is to send food abroad. Liberia has reportedly signed concessions for nearly one-third of its national territory in recent years. Half of the Democratic Republic of […]

Exhumation Proves Murder of Brazilian President, New York Times Must Admit

  That, in fact, is nonsense.  The purportedly “natural”, “accidental”, or “suicide-related” deaths of such important left-leaning figures as Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda, Brazil’s President Joao Goulart and Chile’s President Salvador Allende all occurred during the rule of various rightist dictators.The re-examination of evidence in these cases is based therefore on strong skepticism about the […]

How NSA Mass Surveillance is Hurting the US Economy | Electronic Frontier Foundation

In September, analysts at Cisco Systems reported that the fallout “reached another level,” when the National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST told companies not to use cryptographic standards that may have been undermined by the NSA’s BULLRUN program. The C isco analysts said that if cryptography was compromised “it would be a critical blow […]

Brazilian President Possibly Canceling US Visit, $4 Billion Fighter Jet Order Over NSA’s Snooping | Techdirt

While it is common for state intelligence agencies to spy on other nations, the unwritten rule has always been, “don’t get caught.” Thanks to Snowden’s leaks, the NSA has broken this rule, albeit more out of internal carelessness that led to the documents’ escape, rather than through the carelessness of active agents.The end result, however, […]

Brazil: Carbon Credit – Contracts Between International Companies And Indigenous Communities Are Illegal – Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources

Translated from Portuguese, Original Below The indigenous communities have signed contracts with foreign companies interested in exploring the rights to carbon credits derived from forest preservation, has no legal validity. This is what the president of the National Indian Foundation (Funai), Marcio Meira said. “There is in Brazil, regulation of [the mechanism] Reducing Emissions from […]

Brazil Police May Have Executed 30 During Strike

SAO PAULO — Current and former police officers may have committed up to 30 murders during the recently ended police strike in Brazil’s northeastern state of Bahia, law enforcement officials there said.Up to 30 people were killed execution-style out of the 180 murdered during violence that hit the state during the 12-day strike, said Arthur […]

Brazil: Global Act “We Are All Pinheirinho” · Global Voices

A global act in solidarity with the population expelled from their homes at the Pinheirinho community has been called on Facebook for Thursday, February 23. The idea is to demonstrate in front of Brazilian consulates and embassies all over the world. via Brazil: Global Act “We Are All Pinheirinho” · Global Voices.

Brazil could be first country to use Twitters new censorship policy to silence its citizens | Mail Online

Brazil could become the first country to take Twitter up on its plan to censor Tweets at government request.The move has sparked alarm among privacy groups, who fear  governments will use the same policy to silence dissenting voices.  The Brazilian government has requested an injunction to stop Twitter users from alerting drivers to police road […]

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