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When the Surveillance State Is Used to Investigate and Prosecute Whistleblowers, the Occupy Movement and Environmental Activists

President Obama assured us on Friday that our phone conversations are not being listened to, but that is not a credible reassurance unless the White House comes up with documents that make what is going on transparent in terms of its protocols and process. There is little “an enemy” can learn from the broad strokes […]

Oakland stands in solidarity with Anaheim against Police terror : Indybay

Friday July 27 TIME: 5:30 PM – 5:30 PM Location Details: Oscar Grant Plaza Oakland City hall Frank Ogawa plaza. 14th st and Broadway Oakland ca Event Type: Other on July 21 Anaheim Police Chased and shot Manuel Angel Diaz in the back of his head Killing him. Diaz was Unarmed. The Latino Community that […]

Protesters aren’t the only ones throwing Molotov cocktails – now the police are | The Observers

In the past few months, numerous amateur videos showing police hurling Molotov cocktails at anti-government protesters have surfaced online. The latest of these videos, however, has gone viral. It shows a police officer throwing multiple tear gas canisters, then casually switching to Molotov cocktails. Bahrain’s Interior Ministry, which had recently promised to reform its controversial […]

Israeli leftist activists: We are being sexually harassed in the West Bank – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

“Hi everyone, I’m writing this here because I’m not really sure when the next meeting will be. At the demonstration today (February 10, 2012) in Kfar a-Dik, I noticed looks and finger pointing from the shabab (nickname for young Palestinians) that made me feel some discomfort. They talked amongst themselves, and not with me, but […]

Saudi Arabia: At least six men held for a year for intending to protest | Amnesty International USA

A year after the planned “Day of Rage” demonstration in Riyadh, at least six men are languishing in jail for their involvement in the event, Amnesty International said today in a new briefing paper. In Saudi Arabia’s ‘Day of Rage’: One year on the organization says that it has recently learnt that in addition to […]

‘Irish SOPA’ made law — RT

Ireland has signed a controversial amendment dubbed the “Irish SOPA” which reinforces existing copyright law amid widespread concern that it will encroach on Internet freedom. The new legislation will effectively allow copyright holders to press for legal action against Internet service providers and social networks which show content that infringes copyright legislation. It will force […]

Google privacy changes: what it means for you | GlobalPost

According to The Associated Press, these changes are not motivated solely by enhancing user experience. Google stands to draw even more advertiser revenue with the revamped policy. The $38 billion dollars Google receives in ad revenues already makes up a significant portion of its revenue. Consumers aiming to limit the information Google collects have some means […]

Occupy Movement Set to Target ALEC Corporate Members F29 | Center for Media and Democracy

On February 29th, Occupy groups in over 70 cities will be targeting corporate members of the highly-influential American Legislative Exchange Council ALEC. ALEC is best described as a “bill mill” for corporate special interest legislation. Through ALEC, corporations vote behind closed doors with state legislators on changes to the law they desire that often directly […]

Privacy advocates worry online advertisers will sneak around ‘Do Not Track’ rule | The Raw Story

Following the White House’s announcement of support for new one-click Internet privacy rules, electronic privacy advocates warned Raw Story that online advertisers who claim support the new standards might not actually be keen on giving up their most valuable metrics.Experts who spoke to Raw Story this week warned that if government officials are really serious […]

UNM Students being attacked at an Israel Alliance event on campus – YouTube

UNM Students being attacked at an Israel Alliance event on campus – YouTube.

NOTICIA: Lucy Lawless y su equipo han llegado a la cima de la torre de perforación en el buque de @Shell #SaveTheArtic

  Twitter / Gallery – “Lucy Lawless”.

Susana Martinez, New Mexico Governor, Loses A Hairstylist Over Gay Marriage Stance

WASHINGTON — The frontiers of the gay marriage debate keep on expanding. On Tuesday, Governor Susana Martinez R-N.M. lost a hairstylist who refused to clip her locks out of disgust with her opposition to marriage equality. Antonio Darden, who had cut Martinezs hair on three occasions and runs Antonios Hair Studio in Santa Fe, N.M., […]

Spain: Urgent call for action in solidarity with protesters in Valencia « Contra Info

On Wednesday, February 15th, 2012, large police force attacked a protest of school students outside the IES Lluís Vives Institute of Secondary Education, with students from 13 to 18 years in Valencia, the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. The cops brutally beat many of the students who had gathered to express […]

February 17: Protestors determination increases, met by oppression and arrests. | Bahrain Center for Human Rights

1. An American and a British activists were arrested along with other protestors during a womens march “STOP ABUSING OUR CHILDREN” that took place in the afternoon. The march was dispersed forcefully using tear gas and stun grenades. The journalists were deported and the detained women were released later the night. via February 17: Protestors […]

Spain faces unemployment pain after embracing austerity in European crisis – The Washington Post

By Edward Cody,MADRID — While Greece haggles over every detail in an austerity plan imposed by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, Spain has been Europe’s good student.Even while the Socialists were still in power, Spain took the initiative in slashing mercilessly into welfare budgets and reducing salaries, vowing to get a handle […]

Decolonize together: Indigenous activists send strong message at Occupy Toronto talk | rabble.ca

“I’m hopeful to see you all here visioning a different future. A future based on equality, diversity and respect for the land. And I’m excited and I’m hopeful for the impact that you’re having on the world…. And so I say to you today…if you wish to align yourselves with the dispossessed and the marginalized, […]

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