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IDF Continues ‘Acts of Genocide’ Against Indigenous Arab Palestinians Under ‘Operation Protective Edge’ As the International Community Observes | APNS Novaĵagentejo

US-Supported Israel Defence Forces Continue ‘Acts of Genocide’ Against Indigenous Arab Palestinians Under ‘Operation Protective Edge’ As the International Community Observes  APNS /North America [08.06.2014] – As the State of Israel began extracting its ground troops from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning in observance of another (72-hour) ceasefire, the SOI and factions representing the […]

Politics, Power, and Preventive Action » Tracking U.S. Targeted Killings

  In January 2013, we released a report that called on President Obama to reform U.S. targeted killing policies in non-battlefield settings. Included in that report was a chart that estimated the number of strikes, total fatalities, and civilian fatalities through the end of 2012. The data was based on averages within the ranges provided […]

» Doing the Right Thing | City & State

CS: What would you say to a cop who is thinking about becoming a whistle-blower or a person who feels persecuted by the system? FS: I would advise him to protect himself and align himself with like-minded people and organizations that support him and know what he or she is going through … I’ve been […]

I worked on the US drone program. The public should know what really goes on | Heather Linebaugh | Comment is free | theguardian.com

What the public needs to understand is that the video provided by a drone is a far cry from clear enough to detect someone carrying a weapon, even on a crystal-clear day with limited clouds and perfect light. This makes it incredibly difficult for the best analysts to identify if someone has weapons for sure. […]

Catalog Reveals NSA Has Back Doors for Numerous Devices – SPIEGEL ONLINE

  The ANT division doesn\’t just manufacture surveillance hardware. It also develops software for special tasks. The ANT developers have a clear preference for planting their malicious code in so-called BIOS, software located on a computer\’s motherboard that is the first thing to load when a computer is turned on.This has a number of valuable […]

Forgotten by Most Americans, Iraq is Still a Source of Profits for U.S. Weapons Makers

  The emergency military assistance will also prove beneficial to the American defense contractors that manufacture the hardware targeted for Iraq.The Iraqi military will receive 75 Hellfire missiles from Washington. Costing nearly $70,000 a piece, the delivery represents an early Christmas gift for arms maker Lockheed Martin. The company also made out with the order […]

Okinawa Approves Relocation of U.S. Airbase in Japan — Naharnet

The defense ministry\’s Okinawa bureau confirmed that it had received the document, which bore the governor\’s seal, from local government officials.\”The office received the document at 10:50 am. It was approved,\” said a ministry official at the bureau.After years of staunch opposition, Okinawa governor Hirokazu Nakaima this week met Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who pledged […]

How Debtors’ Prisons are Making a Comeback in America | A Lightning War for Liberty

  As if out of a Charles Dickens novel, people struggling to pay overdue fines and fees associated with court costs for even the simplest traffic infractions are being thrown in jail across the United States.Critics are calling the practice the new “debtors’ prison” — referring to the jails that flourished in the U.S. and […]

blacklistednews.com – Swiss Banks Are Now Agents for the IRS

  The division\’s current offshore program began in 2008, with the investigation of UBS AG, Switzerland\’s largest bank. As a result of that investigation, in February 2009, UBS entered into a deferred prosecution agreement DPA and admitted guilt on charges of conspiring to defraud the United States by impeding the IRS, exited the business of […]

Snowden says government spying worse than Orwellian – The Washington Post

The brief video marked Snowden’s first television appearance since he fled possible prosecution in the United States and arrived in Moscow in June. It came soon after The Washington Post published an extensive account of his comments during more than 14 hours of interviews.Revelations from documents leaked by Snowden first appeared in June in The […]

PressTV – Google, Yahoo back doors to US intel agencies: Ex-security official

  Richard A. Falkenrath, a former US Deputy Homeland Security Advisor, said in a Tuesday interview with Bloomberg television that the “US government has too much access to the privacy” of Internet users. He said revelations by the famous whistleblower Edward Snowden “make clear how extensive are the powers of the US government to tap […]

NSA program stopped no terror attacks, says White House panel member – Investigations

Stone was one of five members of the White House review panel – and the only one without any intelligence community experience – that this week produced a sweeping report recommending that the NSA’s collection of phone call records be terminated to protect Americans’ privacy rights.The panel made that recommendation after concluding that the program […]

Israeli Intelligence Minister Demands That U.S. Agree to Spying Limits, Saying “We Don’t Spy on U.S. President” – Matthew Aid

The U.S. National Security Agency targeted e-mail accounts used by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his defense minister, Ehud Barak, while they were in office, The Guardian newspaper reported Friday. It cited documents provided by Edward Snowden, a former NSA employer who fled the U.S. in May and is now living in Russia.“The […]

Final Adoption of Generalised Surveillance in France: a Disturbing Political Drift | La Quadrature du Net

  The adoption of this article – with its ambiguous wording and misleading place in a Defense Bill meant to schedule the military budget – and the faillure to obtain its constitutional review reflect the deep crisis democratic representation is going through, failling to protect citizens fundamental rights. This Bill has been unanimously adopted by […]

Hard selling increased presence of US troops again and again « Bulatlat

By BENJIE OLIVEROSBulatlat PerspectiveThe Aquino government is using every opportunity to hard sell the increasing presence of US troops in the country. Right after Typhoon Yolanda caused massive devastation in central Visayas provinces and US troops were sent to help in relief efforts, Foreign Affairs Sec. Albert del Rosario was quoted in news reports saying […]

Vindication for Snowden? Obama Panel Backs Major Curbs on NSA Surveillance, Phone Record Data Mining | Democracy Now!

  A White House-appointed task force has proposed a series of curbs on key National Security Agency surveillance operations exposed by Edward Snowden. On Thursday, the panel recommended the NSA halt its bulk collection of billions of U.S. phone call records, citing \”potential risks to public trust, personal privacy, and civil liberty.\” The panel says […]

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