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First Peoples Worldwide » Idle No More Calls for Day of Action, Oct. 7th 2013

The announcement comes towards the end of the popular Sovereignty Summer campaign, launched on June 21, Aboriginal Day in Canada. Sovereignty Summer is a campaign of coordinated non-violent direct actions to promote Indigenous rights and environmental protection in alliance with non-Indigenous supporters. The campaign focuses specifically on six calls for change which the movement would […]

Canada nixes UN review of violence on aboriginal women – Manitoba – CBC News

Canada’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Elissa Golberg, offered a brief rebuttal to Belarus, but did not engage directly with the other countries that criticized Canada.”Canada is proud of its human-rights record, and our peaceful and diverse society,” Golberg told the one-hour session. While no society is entirely free of discrimination, she noted, Canada […]

Mexican women forced into sex 25 times a day – Times LIVE

Mexican women forced into sex 25 times a day – Times LIVE. The investigation was among several aimed at “blockading the repugnant sex trafficking corridor” used to exploit victims from Tenancingo, Mexico, said James Hayes, head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in New York. Tenancingo, an impoverished town in Tlaxcala state, has long been a […]

Why did Marissa Alexander get a 20-year sentence despite invoking ‘Stand Your Ground’? — MSNBC

Alexander, an African-American Florida woman, was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2012 for shooting what she described as warning shots into a wall during a confrontation with her husband. Alexander’s lawyers claimed self-defense in the case, and said her husband had a history of abuse in their relationship. They invoked Florida’s “Stand Your […]

Amnesty International Press Release. April 3, 2012 | Free Pussy Riot!

AMNESTY INTERNATIONALPUBLIC STATEMENT AI index: EUR 46/014/20123 April 2012 Russia: Release punk singers held after performance in church Amnesty International calls for the immediate and unconditional release of three young women arrested by the Russian authorities as members of the punk group ‘Pussy Riot’ who staged a protest song in Moscow’s Christ the Saviour Cathedral […]

Ethiopia seeks full investigation into suicide of maid beaten in Beirut | World news | The Guardian

Ethiopia is lobbying Lebanon to investigate fully the death of an Ethiopian housemaid who killed herself after being beaten on the street in Beirut. Video footage of Alem Dechasa being attacked outside the Ethiopian consulate in Beirut was broadcast on Lebanese television two weeks ago, causing outrage in the country about the mistreatment of the […]

Fourth World Radyo: Feminism and Media Discrimination FWR-03.17.2012|A-Infos Radio Project

Summary:  TheAngryindian speaks with Jillian C. York, Director of International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation about women and the lack of visible female participation in mainstream and alternative news media. Ms. York is on the Board of Directors of Global Voices Online, and has written for a variety of publications, including Al […]

Moroccan girl commits suicide after being forced to marry her rapist | The Raw Story

The ruling came after Amina’s family asked the court to punish the man. The paper said that Amina committed suicide at the home of her husband’s family.Under Moroccan law, a rapist may be exempted from punishment if he agrees to marry his victim. Local tradition holds that forcible marriage protects the honor of the woman […]

Arizona lawmaker compares contraception mandate to Soviet Union | The Raw Story

An Arizona legislators believes that requiring religious employers to provide health insurance coverage for birth control is something a totalitarian regime would propose.“We live in America. We don’t live in the Soviet Union,” Republican state Rep. Debbie Lesko told KTAR. “The government shouldn’t be telling mom-and- pop employers and religious organizations to do something that’s […]

African American Female HIV Rates Now Rival Africa | News One

As we prepare to recognize National Women and Girls HIV Awareness Day, a new research study has served as a wake up call for a community that might have gone too far. The Center for Disease Control now estimates that 1 out of every 32 black women will be infected with HIV during her lifetime. […]

Ugly Online Attacks on Barnard Women Ahead of Obama Commencement Speech – The Daily Beast

The president’s decision to speak at Barnard has triggered an onslaught of vitriol and name calling against its students that rivals Rush Limbaugh’s ‘slut’ insult of Sandra Fluke—and often comes from women. On Saturday morning, after getting the news that President Obama would be giving the commencement address at Barnard College this May, graduating senior […]

Virginia pre-abortion ultrasound could constitute sex crime, Democrats warn | World news | guardian.co.uk

A bill set to pass Virginias legislature this week risks criminalising doctors by obliging them to carry out an invasive procedure that could constitute a sex crime under state law, Democratic representatives have warned their Republican counterparts.The ultrasound bill, one of two of the most restrictive anti-abortion measures heard in the state in recent years, […]

Daily Kos: Restaurant industry screws women, while $2.13 tipped worker minimum wage makes it worse

Restaurant workers who make the federal minimum wage for tipped workers are pretty well screwed: That minimum wage is just $2.13 an hour, the theory being that tips will be enough for these workers to get by. When tips don’t bring workers up to the full federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, their employers […]

Should the Texas Advanced Directives Act be replicated? | The Incidental Economist

Some good passages from Patients and Doctors — The Evolution of a Relationship, by Robert D. Truog: Physicians are seen as having expertise and authority over matters of medical science, whereas patients hold sway over questions of values or preferences. This division of labor reflects a recognition of the naturalistic fallacy, the erroneous notion that […]

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