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Politician arrested in Occupy London protest – Guardian | Vox Political

Jones, 64, chairwoman of the London assembly’s economy committee and deputy chair of its police and crime committee, went to see what was happening at the Occupy London protest on Tuesday morning after her office had been contacted by protesters complaining about heavy-handed police tactics.She was arrested for “obstructing police” and could now face prosecution, […]

Good lion, Argali sheep, polar bear news

Originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some blog:
This video says about itself: 3 June 2013 Lions bred to be shot in South Africa’s ‘canned hunting’ industry. There are now more captive lions in South Africa than wild ones, and many of these animals are reared specifically to be shot and owned by wealthy tourists from…

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The Unseemly Underbelly of Reconciliation

Originally posted on Novel Alliances:
The following is excerpted from my current book project: Settler Reconciliation: Locating Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission in “the new international morality”. Feedback and suggestions are welcome in the comments section below. Thanks for reading. This book is an examination and critique of reconciliation as it populates the post-Cold War landscape as…

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Indigenous women aim to bring First Nations’ voices to Govt.

Originally posted on Old Guv Legends:
Diana Day (left) and Audrey Siegl (middle) of COPE launch their campaigns at Crab Park. Photo by Sindhu Dharmarajah COPE hopes to make history this municipal election with three Indigenous women candidates on the ballot. Audrey Siegl, Cease Wyss and Diana Day could be the first Indigenous women in…

Bolivia: Morales Third Term Breaks the Mould of Control by Wealthy Settlers*

Originally posted on Hwaairfan's Blog:
Bolivia: Morales Third Term Breaks the Mould of Control by Wealthy Settlers* By Dr. Binoy Kampmark  Bolivia’s President Evo Morales dedicate his win to “anti-imperialists and anti-colonialists It is a sometimes overly rich recipe, starched with violence and populism, but Latin American politics is something to behold.  In the…

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People: Carlos Fernández (Spain)

Originally posted on the scrapbook of stories:
Body painting among the Bororo of Brazil. Photo credits: Carlos Fernández González. ? Carlos Fernández González is an Archaeologist and Anthropologist from Spain. He is currently living in England. In simple words -what does an Archaeologist do? And an Anthropologist? An Archaeologist rebuilds the past through the study…

“I am Darren Wilson”: St. Louis and the geography of fear – Quartz

Social media is one of the few spaces in St. Louis not subject to segregation. This raucous online debate often stands in contrast to what area residents are unwilling to say to each other in public.Die-hard Wilson supporters share a specific terminology. The protesters are called “terrorists,” sometimes “treasonous terrorists.” Groups of black protesters are […]

EZLN: Oct 22 actions supporting Ayotzinapa and Yaquis

Originally posted on dorset chiapas solidarity:
? ? EZLN: Oct 22 actions supporting Ayotzinapa and Yaquis ? OCTOBER 20, 2014 Communiqué from the Revolutionary Indigenous Clandestine Committee—General Command of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation Mexico October 19, 2014 To the classmates, teachers, and family members of the dead and disappeared of the Escuela Normal[i]…

Turkey: NATO holds war games with 12 partners, including Ukraine

Originally posted on Tony Seed's Weblog:
ISLAMABAD (Oct. 20): Turkey will host NATO drills between October 20 and 24 that will include participation from 12 other countries, the Turkish general staff announced in a statement. The war games will take place in Istanbul and gather military personnel from Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia,…

Corcoran Hunger Strike Over – More to Be Done

Originally posted on Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:
Corcoran Strike for Medical Care Leads to Hospitalization of Diabetic After a week of hunger striking by three men inside Corcoran SHU and organizers calling and writing to the prison, we are happy to report that Kambui Robinson has been moved to the Acute Care Hospital in Corcoran…

Turkish government’s road to dictatorship

Originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some blog:
This video is called Turkey: Watch police unleash water cannon on anti-Islamic State protesters. By Jean Shaoul: Turkish government seeks new police state powers 21 October 2014 The government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is intent on giving sweeping new powers to Turkish security forces to clamp down…

U.S. Steel’s bogus bankruptcy

Originally posted on Tony Seed's Weblog:
Local 1005 Steelworkers protest outside CCAA court hearing in Toronto, October 6, 2014 Legal restructuring means the claims of employees, retirees, suppliers and the federal and Ontario governments are to be disappeared On September 16, U.S. Steel filed for bankruptcy protection for its Canadian operations under the Companies’ Creditors…

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I grew up in Israel and served as an IDF officer. It took me years to realize that we had been brought up on lies, myths and propaganda and that Palestinians are no different from native Americans, blacks in S. Africa and other indigenous populations who were abused and dispossessed by European colonialism. Demolishing the Zionist myths and propaganda is the first step towards de-constructing the exclusionary colonial state and achieving historic justice and lasting peace. I can be reached at ahadhaadam at yahoo dot com.

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