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Spooked by spike in cyber extortion, businesses are stockpiling bitcoin for payoffs

Some U.S. companies bend to demands of hacker extortionists | McClatchy DC – The companies are responding to cybersecurity experts who recently have changed their advice on how to deal with the growing problem of extortionists taking control of the computers. “It’s a moral dilemma. If you pay, you are helping the bad guys,” said […]

Are leaks about Russia contacts ‘illegal,’ as Trump says? | PolitiFact

Trump confusingly said that the “leaks are real” but “the news is fake” in a Feb. 16 press conference. He added that he’s asked the Justice Department to look into the “criminal leaks.”What’s at stake is whether Trump administration officials have been having secret talks with Russian officials. Based on leaked information, the Washington Post […]

What Michael Flynn’s communication with Russia means for national security

JUDY WOODRUFF: It’s been less than a month since Donald Trump took office, but already there are numerous reports that the National Security Council, which advises the president on key foreign, military and intelligence issues, is in disarray. The leader of the NSC, retired Army General Michael Flynn, has come under increasing criticism for his […]

الرئيس التونسي يكشف عن لقاء قريب مع حفتر | بوابة الوسط–Tunisian President reveals a close encounter with Hfter | Midfield gate

كشف الرئيس التونسى الباجي قائد السبسي عن لقاء قريب يجمعه بالمشير خليفة حفتر في تونس، لإقناعه بضرورة التوافق السياسي لحل الأزمة في ليبيا، وفقًا لوكالة الأنباء الروسية «سبوتنيك».وأكد السبسي في حوار تلفزيوني بثته قناة محلية أنه يلتقي المشير خليفة حفتر قريبًا في تونس، وأن اللقاء يدخل في إطار مبادرته السياسية لحل الأزمة في ليبيا.وقال الرئيس […]

On the US raid in Yakla and Implications from Uncertainty:  How Trump’s Chaos Aggravates the War in Yemen – Diwan

Initial discussions following the raid in Yakla speculated on the reason for such urgency on the part of US officials. Without much evidence, sources speculate the relationship between al-Dhahab’s younger generation and the global jihadist organization (AQAP) evolved beyond a local partnership against Houthis. Nabil and Tareq Ahmed al-Dhahab, uncles to Abd al-Rawuf and Sultan, […]

KUNA : UAE, Russia sign agreement on defense industries – agency – Military – 21/02/2017

KUNA : UAE, Russia sign agreement on defense industries – agency – Military – 21/02/2017 – ABU DHABI, Feb 20 (KUNA) — The UAE and Russia on Monday signed an agreement for cooperation in defense industries, which relates to discussing specifications and capabilities of Russian fighter jets, including Sukhoi 35. The deal was signed at […]

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Members Forced Out of Meeting with ICE | Democracy Now! – Two members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus say Republicans forced them to leave a meeting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials on Thursday. Illinois Democratic Congressmember Luis Gutiérrez and California Democratic Congressmember Norma Torres prayed for immigrant families after they were […]

Monsanto Can’t Shake Poisonous History of PCB Contamination

Monsanto is being sued by three cities in California and the state of Washington due to impacts from contamination by their PCBs. Monsanto’s motion to dismiss lawsuits over PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) contamination filed by the California cities of… Read More The post Monsanto Can’t Shake Poisonous History of PCB Contamination appeared first on Global Justice… via […]

More About Russia’s Election Meddling

9/11-Style Commission Into Russia’s Election Meddling Gathers Steam – [] – Sen. Ben Cardin, the leading Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has previously called for an independent commission into election meddling. Last month, Cardin and four colleagues introduced legislation to create such a body. “The American people deserve a nonpartisan, transparent, public investigation […]

North Dakota SCT Awards Attorney Fees to Defendants in Indian Country Tort Claim Brought in State Court

Here is the opinion in Tillich v. Bruce. An excerpt: Don Bruce, Vinier Davis, and Linda Davis (“Defendants”) appeal from a judgment granting their motion to dismiss and denying their request for attorney fees. We reverse the district court’s denial of the Defendants’ request for attorney fees under N.D.C.C. § 28-26-01(2) and remand for calculation […]

Couple can’t store data from camera pointed at next door’s garden

Couple can’t store data from camera pointed at next door’s garden – Naked Security – First, the judgment refers back to a case brought against Google for continuing to track Safari users when they had logged out of Google. Second, reassuringly, it establishes absolutely that there is more to privacy than the financial implications; outside […]

Suspect in North Korea killing ‘thought she was taking part in TV prank’

Suspect in North Korea killing ‘thought she was taking part in TV prank’ | World news | The Guardian – Late on Friday, North Korea’s ambassador in Malaysia said that it would reject the results of a post mortem and demanded the body be released immediately. “The Malaysian side forced the post mortem without our […]

“It was a wild press conference”

Tapper: Trump’s presser was ‘unhinged’ – – “It was a wild press conference. And I think that, first of all, purportedly the purpose of it was to introduce his new secretary of labor nominee, Alexander Acosta. He talked about (CNN correspondent) Jim Acosta more than he talked about Alexander Acosta. He talked about Hillary […]

LNG army call-out unsuccessful Post Courier | February 16,2017

Post Courier | February 16,2017 THE CALL-OUT operation in Hela Province has not been successful because high powered firearms have not yet been surrendered since the operation started two months ago. This has forced the Hela provincial government to look at ways to introduce a provincial executive council decision to have a buy-back gun program. […] […]

Venezuela Takes CNN En Español Off the Air – By Anatoly Kurmanaev Updated Feb. 15, 2017 7:42 p.m. ET — Just Sayin’

Cable channel faces disciplinary proceedings from government after report on alleged sale of fake passports A view of a screen showing a TV guide excluding CNN En Español in Caracas, Venezuela, on Feb. 15. Photo: Miguel Gutierrez/EFE/ZUMA Press CARACAS, Venezuela—The government on Wednesday took off the air CNN En Español, one of the country’s most […]

CBS Confirms Trump Brought His Own Studio Audience To Clap For Him At CIA Speech

CBS Confirms Reports that Donald Trump Brought A Cheering Section With Him to CIA Visit – Intelligence people were “stunned” and “offended by the president’s tone,” CBS reported U.S. government sources tell CBS News that there is a sense of unease in the intelligence community after President Trump’s visit to CIA headquarters on Saturday.” Also, […]

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