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Mapuche: Gira de Jaime Huenchullan a Europa

Originally posted on El Pueblo Mapuche en Chile:
Werken Jaime Huenchullan INFORMACIÓN OFICIAL: Queridos Amigos y compañeros por fín después de una árdua tarea, hemos logrado nuestro objetivo, con el colaboración de otros grupos que apoyan la causa de las comunidades mapuche en Resistencia, la lucha por la recuperación de las Tierras usurpadas, por la…

The Face of Litter: DNA taken from trash used to map features of litterbugs in Hong Kong — RT News

An environmental group in Hong Kong has gone high-tech in its fight against street littering. It actually collects human DNA from rubbish to recreate the faces of those who left it, believing that public shaming will do a better job than government fines. In a campaign of “putting a face behind the crime,” the group […]

County sheriff has used stingray over 300 times with no warrant | Ars Technica

Stingrays, or cell-site simulators, can be used to determine location by spoofing a cell tower, but they can also be used to intercept calls and text messages. Once deployed, the devices intercept data from a target phone as well as information from other phones within the vicinity. For years, federal and local law enforcement have […]

Texas police warned of new threats from biker gangs –

Waco police Sgt. W Patrick Swanton spoke with CNN’s Erin Burnett and explained officers commonly deal with threats, but he also had a message for those making these particular threats:”The incident that occurred here Sunday afternoon … was an absolute tragedy,” Sgt. Swanton explained. “However, those of you that were there know that we did […]

4th World Radyo: The Hidden American Gulag: TheAngryindian Speaks with George Mallinckrodt

Originally posted on APNS Public Radyo:
Summary:  TheAngryindian speaks with US Psychotherapist and Prisoner Rights Advocate George C. Mallinckrodt, ( / Twitter – @GeoMallinckrodt) author of ‘Getting Away With Murder: A True Story‘ (2014) based on the tragic and violent death of Darren Rainey, a mentally-challenged state of Florida prison inmate who was literally ‘cooked to death’ while in…

4th World Radyo: White-on-White-Crime in Waco: A Euro-Settler Double-Standard

Originally posted on APNS Public Radyo:
(This show is dedicated to the untimely transition of US blues artist, Bill ‘Mr. Stress’ Miller. Please visit: for more information) Summary: TheAngryindian speaks on the hardcore, capital-murder MC chaos that has shaken the peace in Waco, Texas USA and how White America has dealt with this situation as…

Leaked memo suggests biker gangs could target Houston law enforcement – Houston Chronicle

Days after the shooting, law enforcement intelligence suggested more bikers were on the way after gangs called for hits on police officers, the Chronicle reported.The DPS would not comment on the bulletin, saying it had been leaked. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office would not confirm reports of threats against the Houston area. “Our Homeland Security Bureau […]

McDonald’s faces worker pressure as shareholders meet – By Kim Gittleson BBC News, Chicago May 21st 2015

Originally posted on Just Sayin':
Workers and labour unions are stepping up their pressure on McDonald’s to raise the wages it pays workers. Over 1,500 employees and supporters converged on the fast-food giant’s headquarters in Illinois on Wednesday. Larger protests are planned for Thursday morning, before the company’s annual shareholder meeting. The company has been…

White Cop Does Not Kill Black Motorist, Becomes National Hero

Originally posted on bayareaintifada:
White Cop Does Not Kill Black Motorist, Becomes National Hero ( Or: Why America Should Not Be Saved) Posted by Bay Area Intifada Written by Jabar In 2015’s United States of America, a white police officer that does NOT shoot and kill a black motorist is considered a hero. In recent mainstream media (MSM)…

‘No Reason a Democrat Has to Be a Weakling’ – By MARK I. PINSKY May 20, 2015

Originally posted on Just Sayin':
The grand ambitions of Alan Grayson, Florida’s expletive-spouting, headline-grabbing congressman. Alan Grayson is Elizabeth Warren without a filter—but he intends with her help to become Florida’s great Democratic hope. Since Grayson first burst onto the national media scene as a first-term congressman from Central Florida with a savage wit, he…

Nebraska lawmakers vote to abolish death penalty

Originally posted on Daily Queer News:
GRANT SCHULTE | Yahoo News | May 20, 2015 Governor says Nebraska has ordered new death penalty drugs LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska lawmakers gave final approval on Wednesday to a bill abolishing the death penalty that would make it the first conservative state to do so since 1973…

Permanent Michael Brown monument in Ferguson, USA

Originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some blog:
From Electronic Urban Report in the USA: Mike Brown to Get Permanent Memorial in Ferguson May 21, 2015 (Via The Huffington Post) — Dozens of teddy bears that memorialized Michael Brown were removed from a site on Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Missouri, on Wednesday afternoon. The memorial will…

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