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What the Skripal Attack Exposed About Russian Tradecraft

The attempted assassination of a former Russian military intelligence officer has British officials concerned about a sloppy and deadly shift in Russian tradecraft Source: What the Skripal Attack Exposed About Russian Tradecraft Advertisements

Stabbed at a neo-Nazi rally, called a criminal: how police targeted a black activist

Exclusive: records show police surveilled and tried to charge a citizen journalist attacked at a California rally. Does it fit a pattern of punishing black protesters? But the police did not treat O’Bannon like a victim. Records obtained by the Guardian reveal that officers instead monitored his Facebook page and sought to bring six charges […]

Universal health care back in force after Spanish court suspension

New Madrid cabinet lifts challenge against legislation enabling migrants with no resident permit to have access to public health care Source: Universal health care back in force after Spanish court suspension

#Afghan father who sought refuge in UK ‘shot dead by Taliban’ after being deported by Home Office

An Afghan man who sought refuge from the Taliban in the UK has been shot dead in his home town after being deported by the British government. Zainadin Fazlie had lived in London with his wife, who had refugee status, and their four British-born children. But after committing a number of minor offences, the 47-year-old was sent back to Afghanistan after 16 years in […]

YPG spokesman: Qamishlo clash ‘must not hinder the political solution’ in Syria – The Region

“As General Command of the People’s Protection Units, we extend condolences to the families of the victims and express our deep sorrow over what happened. In that same time, we confirm that as YPG, we also have opened an investigation concerning incident. The results of the investigation will be revealed as soon as it will […]

r/politics – Megathread: Trump ex-campaign chief Manafort to help Russia inquiry in plea deal

Prisoner kills cellmate, heads to chow hall with victim’s ear on a necklace, sources say

In one violent day, Columbia Correctional was the site of an inmate-on-inmate murder in which the victim was mutilated horribly — and then later a gang fight involving makeshift knives. Source: Prisoner kills cellmate, heads to chow hall with victim’s ear on a necklace, sources say

Refugees stranded in Bosnia report campaign of police brutality | Refugees | Al Jazeera

Bosnia has emerged as a new route to Western Europe, since the EU tightened its borders. This year, more than 13,000 refugees and migrants have so far arrived in the country, compared with only 755 in 2017.In Velika Kladusa, Bosnia’s most western town beside the Croatian border, hundreds have been living in makeshift tents on […]

Trump Praises ‘Psychology Expert’ Exposed by Daily Beast

President offered warm words for “Dr. Gina” as her credentials in psychology came under scrutiny. Source: Trump Praises ‘Psychology Expert’ Exposed by Daily Beast

Mike Pompeo blasts Kerry’s Iran meetings as ‘beyond inappropriate’ – CNNPolitics

During interviews to promote his new book, Kerry told an interviewer that he has met with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif three or four times since leaving office and that their talks touched on the international nuclear agreement, to which Iran, the EU, Russia and China still adhere.A spokesman for Kerry ridiculed Pompeo’s assertion that […]

Coast Guard member who flashed white power signal pulled from storm duty

The man shown in the background as a captain was being interviewed about Tropical Storm Florence was later removed from response duty, officials said. Source: // Coast Guard member who flashed white power signal pulled from storm duty

#Ukraine- Escalations in #Lugansk and #Donetsk

Ukraine gambled and lost when Kiev assassinated Alexandr Zakharchenko. Through the tragedy, the credibility of both fledgling republics was put to the test. LDNR proved once again they can be trusted partners in world affairs even as Ukraine self destructs. Source: Ukraine- Escalations in Lugansk and Donetsk

4thWorld Radyo // Thoughts From a Native Son: Pushing against the Psychic Bubble of Afro-American Colonial Hubris

— SUMMARY: In this dispatch of 4WR, host @TheAngryindian takes another spoken-word Afro-Indigenous view of the emerging Afro-American ideological and sociopolitical conformities developing under the admittedly racialist Trump administration. What is fueling the current attitudes behind politics in Afro-America? Is it a reaction to American Fascism or is it a result of African (and Native) […]

Trump Speechwriter Fired After He’s Linked To White Nationalist Event

Darren Beattie insists he said “nothing objectionable” at the Mencken Club conference. Source: Trump Speechwriter Fired After He’s Linked To White Nationalist Event

‘Drown out the racist speeches’: Anti-immigration protesters in #Germany heavily outnumbered

About 5,000 supporters of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) marched through the streets of Berlin on Sunday — but there were around 20,000 anti-AfD protesters. Source: ‘Drown out the racist speeches’: Anti-immigration protesters in Germany heavily outnumbered

Germany suspends two officers for performing illegal Nazi salute

Police in Germany’s southern state of Bavaria are investigating two officers suspected of performing the illegal Hitler salute. Source: Germany suspends two officers for performing illegal Nazi salute

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"I'm not racist; my wife is Asian!" Why are there so many racist, conservative, alt-right, right wing, anti-black, anti-Asian, anti-social, anti-feminist, conspiracy theorist, pro-white, white nationalist, creepy, weird, rejected, unattractive white men who fetishize and marry Asian women? How many times have you seen racist white men fetishize asian women as an alternative to "feminist", slutty Western women? If the overwhelming majority of half Asians have white fathers, with white men fetishizing Asian women as "submissive and pro-white," (and to take back power against blacks, "mudsharks," and 'degeneracy') and Asian women preferring white men for status and integration and to "feel beautiful" and to have "white" children - what happens to the children of these race-based, white-supremacist fetishistic couples - especially if they look asian or non-white, feel ashamed to be Asian, and still face racism? a website written by concerned half-asians worried about the threat these men, women and their children will pose to the future of progress.

Why does it seem that the men that pursue Asian women as a "last resort," are generally the most racist, spiteful and hateful people - especially against Asian men, other minorities and white women? If Asian women prefer White men - why is this, and what happens to the children - especially if they look predominantly Asian? Compiled by Asian-looking Eurasians and Hapas themselves. A community effort to explore the unintended consequences of "white fever" and "yellow fever", racism, fetishes, power imbalances, stereotypes, and the effect it has on a staggeringly large, growing, and unexplored new demographic. Why does it seem the children of Asian men and White women fare better and are more successful? Why is there such a double standard against Asian men and white women, whereas Asian women essentially default to White men? What happens when Half Asian sons resemble Asian men? Why do so many White supremacists, alt-rightists, and White Nationalists have Asian partners?

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