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The commandment of the TIKKO in Rojava tell the attacks against Internationalist Batallion – Nouvelle Turquie

Information center : According to the information provided by the TIKKO commandment in Rojava, at least 16 DAECH activists were killed in the attack on the positions of the Internationalist Freedom Battalion in Gentari.A battle opposing the forces of YPG/YPJ and the forces of Internationalist Freedom Batallion, taking place in the military campaign of Rakka, […]

White House blocks CNN, New York Times, Politico from press briefing

White House blocks CNN, New York Times, Politico from press briefing – U.S. News – – White House Press Secretary held an off-camera press briefing on Friday instead of his daily briefing which is usually broadcast live from the White House. In a decision that drew criticism from many journalists, Spicer kept a number […]

Africa: Tunisia to Participate in Joint Military Exercises With France, U.S. and Germany

Africa: Tunisia to Participate in Joint Military Exercises With France, U.S. and Germany – – According to Oueslati, these exercises will include joint land and air operations between the Tunisian army and different participating units. “These exercises are part of the Tunisian military institution efforts in order to promote and develop its offensive and […]

Germans surprised, disturbed at idea of Russian youth ‘storming Reichstag’ | Germany | DW.COM | 24.02.2017

Is it really just a game? Moscow wants to use military exercises to revive the memory of the storming of the Reichstag. German observers are warning against a dangerous militarization of Russia’s youth. Source: Germans surprised, disturbed at idea of Russian youth ‘storming Reichstag’ | Germany | DW.COM | 24.02.2017

U.S. troops wounded in Iraqi offensive against Mosul

US troops operating in the Mosul area of Iraq have come under fire by Islamic State forces in the last six to eight weeks as they move closer to the front lines. A number have been wounded US military officials finally admitted. Source: U.S. troops wounded in Iraqi offensive against Mosul

Kim Jong-Nam killed by VX nerve agent: Malaysia police

Kim Jong-Nam killed by VX nerve agent: Malaysia police – Releasing a preliminary toxicology report on Kim Jong-Nam’s murder at Kuala Lumpur airport, police revealed the poison used by the assassins was the odourless, tasteless and highly toxic VX. The news brought condemnation from South Korea, which slammed the use of the nerve agent as […]

About 4,000 Russians among Insurgents in Syria: Putin – nsnbc international

About 4,000 Russians among Insurgents in Syria: Putin – nsnbc international | nsnbc international – The presence of Islamist insurgents in Syria has repeatedly been noticed by Syrian as well as Russian military and intelligence services. Putin did not break down the numbers, but reports about captured and/or killed fighters from the Russian Federation and […]

Drones can steal data from infected PCs by spying on blinking LEDs

Drones can steal data from infected PCs by spying on blinking LEDs – Naked Security – Researchers at Ben-Gurion University’s Negev Cyber Security Research Center this month demonstrated this type of espionage technique: one that can defeat an air gap. An air gap is a network security measure in which highly sensitive computers are physically […]

Opinion | Dear media: The Trump White House has total contempt for you. Time to react accordingly.

On Saturday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer shocked the news media by reading them a prepared statement in which he accused the press of deliberately minimizing impressions of Trump crowd sizes, before saying: “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration — period — both in person and around the globe.”  This […]

Government Accuses US Of Election Interference – The Cambodia Daily

In a statement released on Tuesday, the U.S. Embassy said: “Any government action to ban or restrict parties under the new amendments would constitute a significant setback for Cambodia’s political development and would seriously call into question the legitimacy of the upcoming elections.”The Foreign Affairs Ministry, which has taken the lead in efforts to prevent […]

Spooked by spike in cyber extortion, businesses are stockpiling bitcoin for payoffs

Some U.S. companies bend to demands of hacker extortionists | McClatchy DC – The companies are responding to cybersecurity experts who recently have changed their advice on how to deal with the growing problem of extortionists taking control of the computers. “It’s a moral dilemma. If you pay, you are helping the bad guys,” said […]

Are leaks about Russia contacts ‘illegal,’ as Trump says? | PolitiFact

Trump confusingly said that the “leaks are real” but “the news is fake” in a Feb. 16 press conference. He added that he’s asked the Justice Department to look into the “criminal leaks.”What’s at stake is whether Trump administration officials have been having secret talks with Russian officials. Based on leaked information, the Washington Post […]

What Michael Flynn’s communication with Russia means for national security

JUDY WOODRUFF: It’s been less than a month since Donald Trump took office, but already there are numerous reports that the National Security Council, which advises the president on key foreign, military and intelligence issues, is in disarray. The leader of the NSC, retired Army General Michael Flynn, has come under increasing criticism for his […]

On the US raid in Yakla and Implications from Uncertainty:  How Trump’s Chaos Aggravates the War in Yemen – Diwan

Initial discussions following the raid in Yakla speculated on the reason for such urgency on the part of US officials. Without much evidence, sources speculate the relationship between al-Dhahab’s younger generation and the global jihadist organization (AQAP) evolved beyond a local partnership against Houthis. Nabil and Tareq Ahmed al-Dhahab, uncles to Abd al-Rawuf and Sultan, […]

KUNA : UAE, Russia sign agreement on defense industries – agency – Military – 21/02/2017

KUNA : UAE, Russia sign agreement on defense industries – agency – Military – 21/02/2017 – ABU DHABI, Feb 20 (KUNA) — The UAE and Russia on Monday signed an agreement for cooperation in defense industries, which relates to discussing specifications and capabilities of Russian fighter jets, including Sukhoi 35. The deal was signed at […]

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Members Forced Out of Meeting with ICE | Democracy Now! – Two members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus say Republicans forced them to leave a meeting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials on Thursday. Illinois Democratic Congressmember Luis Gutiérrez and California Democratic Congressmember Norma Torres prayed for immigrant families after they were […]

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