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Article: Should an Innocent Person Be Forced to Pay for Their Arrest? | OpEdNews

Article: Should an Innocent Person Be Forced to Pay for Their Arrest? | OpEdNews – Donald Trump takes office in two short weeks. As I’ve written previously, I don’t expect much in the way of prison reform or sentencing reform. Indeed, I’ve urged readers to take to the courts for redress because we obviously won’t […]

Timeline Photos – Shut Down Australia | Facebook

Timeline Photos – Shut Down Australia | Facebook. Asking all people to take strike action for 60 minutes between 10:30am to 11:30am the 1st of June 2015. Please read this message from Lavene Ngatokorua from Davenport Aboriginal Community in Port Augusta South AustraliaPlease read and strike with Lavene on the … 1st of June 2015 from […]

Obama’s Latest Betrayal of America and Americans in Favor of the Big Banks: TISA

The three “de’s” – deregulation, desupervision, and de facto decriminalization – has been critical to the three modern U.S. financial crises. The combination is intensely criminogenic and produces the fraud epidemics that drive our crises. The second, and vastly more destructive, phase of the Savings and Loan S&L debacle is a classic example. The criminogenic […]

Groups Appeal to UN for ‘Humanity’ as Detroit Shuts Off Water to Thousands | Common Dreams

“After decades of policies that put businesses and profits ahead of the public good, the city now has a major crisis on its hands,” said Maude Barlow, founder of Blue Planet Project and board chair of Food & Water Watch, in a statement. “By denying water service to thousands, Detroit is violating the human right […]

Counting US troops in Afghanistan, NPR-style: Telling listeners about the cuts and not the increases.

In reality, current US troop levels–about 32,000–are actually about what they were when Obama took office Think Progress, 6/22/11. A graph that accompanied an NPR story 6/29/11 shows this pretty clearly.Late last year the New York Times offered similarly misleading spin FAIR Blog, 11/25/13, reporting that Obama “has reduced the forces in Afghanistan from about […]

Fourth World Radyo: Talking Papua Merdeka! With Ronny Kareni and AKRockefeller | APNS Public Radyo

Summary: Intelligent Aboriginal Radio Exclusive: TheAngryindian speaks with Papua New Guinea PNG activists Bro. Ronny Kareni Melbourne, Australia / and AKRockefeller undisclosed location/ akrockefeller,com about the state of human rights, free speech and the viability of the current independence movement in West Papua. Bro. Kareni is a grassroots organiser working with the the Freedom […]

Article: Speak Out for Net Neutrality If You Ever Hope to Speak Out Again | OpEdNews

JB: This is troubling, PEN. Speaking of Comcast, how does the proposed merger feed into the net neutrality issue? Isn’t bigger better for all of us, at least in this case? PEN: If that were the operating principle, we’d all be better off with a Bigg[er] Brother (as in 1984).  Apart from the issue of […]

The Effects of Ignoring Systemic Racism | The Nation

This is what systemic racism looks like. Whether Kerrick or the officer who assaulted Manning have a personal animosity toward these young men because of their race doesn’t matter. What matters is the institutional mechanisms that degrade black life. Kerrick shot an unarmed Ferrell after receiving an emergency call that he was attempting to rob […]

Canada accused of hiding child abuse evidence – Features – Al Jazeera English

\”I was given that porridge I got sick on and I had to eat that … And if you don\’t eat, then you\’re going to get beat up some more, and you\’re going to get punished – and if you throw up again you\’re going to have to eat that too, so what choice do […]

How Debtors’ Prisons are Making a Comeback in America | A Lightning War for Liberty

  As if out of a Charles Dickens novel, people struggling to pay overdue fines and fees associated with court costs for even the simplest traffic infractions are being thrown in jail across the United States.Critics are calling the practice the new “debtors’ prison” — referring to the jails that flourished in the U.S. and […]

2013 Gerald and Maas Suppressed News

December 18, 2013       Myanmar (Burma): previous. Persecution of Rohingya Muslims continues. There are reports of Rohingya escaping into Thailand who are sold as slaves after incarceration by Thai authorities. The New York Times finds Daw Aung San Suu Kyi “tragically silent”. The Nobel Laureate who is trying to win election to presidency […]

West Papuans tortured, killed and dumped at sea, citizens’ tribunal hears | World news |

  On 6 July 1998, West Papuans demonstrating for independence on the island of Biak were murdered in a co-ordinated attack by the Indonesian military and police and a large number were detained, according to the findings of the Biak Massacre Citizens\’ Tribunal.Many of those in custody were subsequently raped and mutilated in horrific circumstances […]

Early infant mortality in Canada called 2nd worst in developed world – Health – CBC News

\”At the root of it is a distribution problem,\” Smylie said in a telephone interview. \”We\’re an affluent country, but at a systems level we\’re still not distributing all of our health and social resources equally to all groups.\”Smylie said the social imbalance that sees aboriginals struggling with higher than average levels of poverty is […]

Racist ringleaders 2013: Israel’s war on Africans intensifies | The Electronic Intifada

  There is no shortage of Israeli journalists who couch their reporting on African asylum-seekers in derogatory terms, vilifying them in the eyes of the Israeli public.   In June, top Israel Army Radio reporter Hadas Steif employed racist tropes traditionally used to dehumanize Africans, saying that an African man suspected of snatching the wallet […]

Colorado regularly imprisons poor offenders unable to pay fines – ACLU — RT USA

Jails in multiple cities throughout Colorado regularly imprison people who were previously given a fine by a court but are simply too poor to pay it, according to a new report from the American Civil Liberties Union that calls for an end to this practice.The ACLU conducted investigations in municipal courts of Westminster, Wheat Ridge, […]

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